News Press Release


April 18, 2019



BALTIMORE – Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP, issued the following statement regarding U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s release of the redacted version of Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report:

“The report released today by Attorney General William Barr falls woefully short of what is owed to Congress and to the American people. This administration is intent on hiding facts and covering its tracks. Attorney General Barr released only half of the truth, confirming our warning to the Senate that Barr cannot ‘overcome the presumption he was selected to protect Donald Trump.'”

“We call upon Attorney General Barr to immediately release the complete Mueller report in unredacted, unedited, and unvarnished form. The public has a right to the entire truth. Congress must pursue every course available to secure the entire report and release it.”

“The report raises grave questions about actions committed by Trump and his campaign and aides to obstruct justice in one of the most consequential investigations ever conducted regarding the integrity and security of our democracy. We also know that Russia ‘interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systemic fashion’ to benefit Trump, with his campaign’s knowledge, by manipulating voters, fomenting racial division, and targeting the African-American community to suppress voter turnout. Congress must now fully investigate, take all appropriate action, and ensure the integrity and security of our democracy.”

“Trump has caused infinite damage to the office of the presidency by impeding justice and subverting the rule of law. It is inconceivable that he continues to make lifetime appointments of federal judges, whose paramount duty is to uphold the rule of law. Because of this, we call for the immediate cessation of all nominations and confirmations to the federal bench until Congress can fully investigate the serious issues raised by the Mueller report that threaten our democracy.”




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