ACT-SO National Director

Larry Brown Jr. Welcome to ACT-SO!

ACT-SO is the place for you to explore your academic and creative passions free from judgment. This is the place where professionals, mentors and your peers desire to see you succeed. Take advantage of your days in NAACP ACT-SO. Each moment helps shape your life within the NAACP and beyond.

ACT-SO is synonymous with success. From its inception to present, ACT-SO has been the link between the dreams and reality for almost 300,000 young people in our country. ACT-SO Olympians leave the National Competition each year and pulsate throughout their community, leaving a lasting effect on all they encounter. Many ACT-SO Olympians have gone on to achieve amazing feats.Many thanks go to the NAACP branches, volunteers, partners, and sponsors that make ACT-SO possible. Their support is immeasurable.

It is my sincerest hope that every ACT-SO participant takes risks in the safe, creative and nurturing space ACT-SO provides. Additionally, I urge everyone to engage multiple generations around the achievement and success of ACT-SO participants.

Chart your course. Share your story. Change the world.

I will always ACT-SO,

Larry Brown, Jr.
National Director, NAACP ACT-SO