Black History Month


We live in a society that has intentionally left Black narratives out of the American memoir while simultaneously standing on the backs and shoulders of Black individuals. Black people’s accomplishments and gains deserve a place in history outside of Black History Month.

While highlighting our past achievements and benefactions is vital, charting a course forward for present and future generations to make history offers a unique and poignant investment.

The collective idea is to recognize that Black history and Black people are a pivotal driving force that propels this nation forward, at every moment, even in the face of tremendous adversity. Black history is made every day, and we all should remember that year-round.

How Brands Can Help Make Black History

2020 was a year of awakening for corporations and brands. In the wake of the unconscionable murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, millions took to the streets to say “enough is enough.” Prompted by the undeniable urgency of the moment, foundations, corporations, and brands — large and small — took a stand.  Now it’s time to take that one step further.

To make a commitment to Black lives in corporate spaces all year long, brands can:

  • Sign the Equal Pay Pledge to ensure all employees get equal pay for equal work by December 2021
  • Take a year around approach to embracing Black historic wins
  • Publish a progress report on June 2020 stated actions by June 2021
  • Join the One Million Jobs Campaign
  • Fund support for diversity and inclusion leads within your organization
  • Provide sustaining support to local social justice organization
  • Become a Corporate Member of your local NAACP
  • Source more diverse candidates by adding to the NAACP Job Board

Advocate for Black Lives All Year Long

We Are Done Dying - NAACPAs the world faces new realities during this global pandemic and incidents of hate and domestic terrorism are perpetuated leading to routine brutalization of African-Americans, the health and safety of our people are at risk.

Demand justice for Jacob Blake. Sign the Contract for Black America. View our policy demands. Take action.