Health Department Staff

Dr. Marjorie Innocent, Sr. Health Director

As NAACP’s Senior Director of Health Programs, Dr. Marjorie Innocent leads the development and management of the NAACP’s policy and programmatic agenda to reduce health disparities and improve health outcomes for African Americans and other communities of color in alignment with organizational strategy. Dr. Innocent is responsible for establishing the NAACP health department as a resource and standing expert to advance the NAACP’s policy agenda around health issues. Read Dr. Innocent’s full bio.

(410) 580-5652

Rev. Keron Sadler, Health Programs Manager

Rev. Keron Sadle is responsible for maintaining and strengthening the NAACP’s commitment to HIV/AIDS as a high priority and high-profile issue. In her tenure she managed the development and co-authored The Black Church and HIV: the Social Justice Imperative. Read Rev. Sadler’s full bio.

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Tabatha Magobet, Health Programs Specialist

(410) 580-5682