Following Colorado Massacre, NAACP President Derrick Johnson Calls on Congress to Ban Assault Weapons

March 24, 2021
“We cannot return to “normal”. Normal in America means endless mass shootings in churches, schools and even grocery stores. Normal in America means crushing trauma for families and communities across the nation. Normal in America means that only 83 days into 2021, 102 mass shootings have already occurred at the hands of gunmen.
Assault weapons are military-style weapons of war, made for offensive military battlefields. They do not belong in the hands of ordinary citizens.

President Biden, we agree with you. We can no longer ‘wait another minute’ to act on the gun violence epidemic. That is why the NAACP is calling on Congress to immediately ban assault weapons. Preventable deaths have been the tragic result of paralyzed progress. As our nation prepares to reopen, the lives of innocent Americans depend on expeditious action.”