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DJ TreMon Jamal

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DJ TreMon Jamal

Authenticity is key. Stay true to yourself and your craft. Everything else will fall into place"

This is how "TreMon Jamal" (formerly known as DJ TM) describes himself as an individual and a DJ. While remaining true to himself and committed to his passion for music, he has encountered many successes ultimately helping him earn the title "#1 HBCU DJ" across the nation in 2020. His love for music started at a young age. Growing up in Wilmington, NC, listening to Michael Jackson and mixes from DJ JazzyJeff, TreMon quickly became fascinated with sound production. His musical influences inspired him to start deejaying in high school where he deejayed for sporting events, weddings, parties, and the local radio station. After receiving continued love and support from the community, TreMon decided to turn his newly found hobby into a lifestyle.

His talent, drive, and dedication in high school became widely recognized, leading him to become a premier DJ at such a young age. These opportunities have allowed him to grow and master his craft as a DJ, all while gaining connections and exposure to larger and more diverse crowds. Today, TreMon Jamal has over 8 years of experience, deejaying in many areas from coast to coast. He has deejayed at premiere events and world-renowned clubs such as Cameo, Exchange, and King of Diamonds with over 3,500 people in attendance. He has also deejayed events for notable influencers including Chris Paul, Bernie Sanders, and many other celebrities/artists. With his stellar reputation, TreMon Jamal is known to guarantee fun, creativity, good energy, and a good time to any crowd.

Preparing for another incredible year, he is constantly working to expand and connect with others across the nation. His mission is to enlighten the world with the power of music. TreMon holds a BA in Communications from Winston-Salem State University and resides in Los Angeles.