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Blog January 1, 2024

A New Year for Culture, for Community


Past, present, and future. That's what we're both leveraging and fighting for in 2024. Learning from our past and betting on our future will drive our present action.

Everything we do this year is for culture, for community.

When we say culture, it's a hat tip to our history. A history that people are trying to erase. We know our impact is vast. This country is built on our physical labors and moves on the fuel of our creativity and thought leadership.  It's vital we protect it.

And when we speak about community, we're talking about our future. Our work for voting rights, desegregation, and education shows what we can do when we do it together. By rallying around Black America's most pressing issues as a community, we can secure the rights, the policies - the future - we're owed.

Our culture and community are intertwined. Without preserving our history, we can't protect and sustain our future. For close to 115 years, the NAACP's work has been just that. From stoops and corner stores to classrooms and Congress, NAACP leaders have mobilized communities to make sure we excel for generations to come.

This year will ask a lot of us. As such, we're going to ask you to vote. To volunteer to get your family, friends, and neighbors to vote. To fight attempts to erase our history. To invest in your neighborhood and take care of each other. And we will. For culture. For community. 

For us.