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Small Group Meeting - Styled Media Resources

Media Resources

We appreciate your interest in NAACP, a leading voice in the fight for civil rights and social justice. To set up an interview, get a quote, or talk to an expert please contact us at

President Johnson

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The fight for civil rights and social justice in the 21st century requires various skillsets and a deep understanding of the issues that impact the Black community. Our thought leaders can provide expert opinions and analysis on topics in the news.

Two Women Meeting - Styled Empowerment Hero

Our Brand

The NAACP Brand Identity Guide is designed to create a consistent visual identity across the Association. Using color, typography, photography, and illustration, departments and branches can create looks to reflect the unique character and goals of your program. Get official branding information for NAACP, ACT-SO, Image Awards, and other NAACP entities.

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Advocacy, forward. We work to disrupt inequality

The NAACP works tirelessly in key areas including criminal justice, health care, education, climate, and the economy. Know the Issues.


Young Black Females - Outdoors - Holding Hands and Raising Fists