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Our Work

The NAACP legacy is long, our work consistent: to build Black political, social, and economic power to end racial injustice.

Our roots run deep

The NAACP network of activists is strong. We're in community meetings and boardrooms, college campuses and statehouses, advocating with you and for you. We're also on Capitol Hill making sure federal policies reflect the diverse voices they impact.

There's a place for everyone. Work through your region or state conference to join the fight.

Powering the movement for change

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Shaping the next generation of activists

Our young people have picked up the civil rights and social justice torch. They're running with it, advocating for a future free of race-based discrimination. We invest in them with training, fellowship, and scholarships.

Learn more about our youth programs

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Advocacy in Action

After the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police, Jael Krundi, the first Black female president of the Minnesota Student Association and a leader in NAACP's Youth & College Division, and her team delivered a letter with 47 pages of signatories asking campus administrators across Minnesota to end their relationships with the Minneapolis police. Administrations complied.

This helped spark a national movement of young people, administrators, and parents demanding that K-12 schools, colleges, and universities "Cut the Contract" with police departments. NAACP supported the movement with toolkits and training.

Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

Are you ALL IN?

NAACP is going ALL IN because democracy is on the ballot and only we, the people, have the power to protect it. Rush a donation now to fuel our critical voter turnout efforts!