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Scholarships, Awards & Internships

This work requires resources and capacity building opportunities to accomplish our civil rights and social justice goals. We're committed to supporting future civil rights leaders and honoring those on the front lines of the movement.

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Each year we provide scholarships to outstanding students who display academic excellence and early signs of leadership and a commitment to social justice. Through the NAACP Scholars and Professionals: Internships, Ready Youth and Employment (N-SPIRE) program, we partner with organizations to offer a range of opportunities across the country.


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The road to civil rights and social justice isn't an easy one. Our awards recognize the activists on the front lines and in courtrooms producing hard-won, consistent results.

While my legal knowledge increased, my experience was much more expansive than I could have imagined. My time as a law fellow allowed me to reflect on national issues and legal strategies to address those national issues. This reflection completely changed how I approach legal questions, recognizing the law is not just individual cases, but the law is all about individuals. Working with the NAACP is working with something bigger than yourself.

- Brionna Rosier, 2018 Law Fellow
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Internships and Fellowships

We're proud to offer career and job readiness opportunities through select internships and fellowships for highly qualified applicants. Future civil rights leaders and social justice advocates committed to advancing the values of NAACP can receive hands-on experience working to improve issues that marginalize Black Americans.

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Youth Programs

We're working to shape the next generation of artists, leaders, and thinkers.

Learn more about our Youth Programs

Thank you for inspiring a young Black person to use their voice!

- Cai Mayberry
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NAACP is going ALL IN because democracy is on the ballot and only we, the people, have the power to protect it. Rush a donation now to fuel our critical voter turnout efforts!