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Action Protest

Youth Programs

Planting seeds

The fight for civil rights is a multigenerational effort. Our continued legacy of disrupting inequality, dismantling racism, and accelerating change depends on the energy and ideas of young activists. We work with young leaders to beef up their advocacy skills and celebrate their talents all while tackling issues important to them.

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Youth have the creativity, the resources, and the technology to recreate what our future looks like.

- Derrick Lewis, NAACP National Field Organizer
Young Black Students in ACT-SO

Calling all talented teens!

Pursue your creative talents and academic dreams with purpose and unrestricted passion. The Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics (ACT-SO) provides 9 to 12.

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NEXTGEN cohort

Young leaders up next

Next Generation (NEXTGEN) Young Professional Leadership Program serves as an incubator for current and future civil rights and social justice leaders. Participants network with peers, establish strong leadership skills, and deepen their understanding of issues impacting the Black community.

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Young Black Student in Library

Advocacy 365

The movement needs you. Join a youth council, high school chapter, or college chapter in your community to dig in to civil rights and social justice work throughout the year.