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NAACP Official Logos and Brand Guide

Person on Laptop - Hero Styled Find Resources

NAACP Visual Brand

The NAACP Brand Identity Guide is designed to create a consistent visual identity across the Association. Using color, typography, photography, and illustration, departments and branches can create looks to reflect the unique character and goals of your program.

The NAACP signature wordmark is the core element in the visual identity system. It is the official logo of the Association and is what is most strongly associated with the brand.

The file formats are tailored for either print or digital projects. Make sure you use the correct file format or the logo may render inaccurately, reflecting poorly on the brand. EPS and AI files are vector files designed for use in print applications of any size. JPG and PDF files are designed for use in web applications.

To receive official branding information for NAACP, ACT-SO, Image Awards, and other NAACP entities, please email our Multimedia Manager, Chardee Scott, at

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