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In the News March 5, 2020

NAACP commends Senator Amy Klobuchar's call for an Independent Investigation and Review into the Case involving Myon Burrell

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NAACP released the following statement regarding Senator Amy Klobuchar's call for an independent investigation and review into the case involving Myon Burrell.

Leslie Redmond stated, "Today, Senator Amy Klobuchar displayed real leadership by using her power and platform to call for an independent investigation into this case. The acknowledgment that this case warrants a review is the first step to righting the wrongs that were committed against Myon and the victim's family. As the calls for an independent investigation grow, we expect that Attorney Mike Freeman will have the courage to assure justice and liberty is fairly granted."

Leslie Redmond, the youngest president in the history of the Minneapolis NAACP branch, has led an active fight to bring about awareness and support for the review and reopening of this case. Since the AP raised several flaws within the case toward the beginning of the year, the Minneapolis branch has sought due process for Myon Burell. Along with pursuing justice for Myon, the Minneapolis branch is actively seeking a state-wide conviction integrity unit with special attention in Hennepin County.

"The call for an independent investigation and review into the case of Myon Burrell by Senator Klobuchar speaks immeasurable volumes to the power and tenaciousness of our Minneapolis NAACP leadership," said Derrick Johnson, president and CEO, NAACP. "I am encouraged by the show of force from Leslie and others that are moving this case and the predicament of Myon's future to a better outcome. This case and countless like it speak to the need for this nation to examine its criminal justice system from law enforcement to the courts."


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