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Young Black Female in Casual Group - Speaking
Media Advisory July 21, 2023

NAACP to Host Civic Engagement Bootcamp ahead of National Convention

Young Black Female in Casual Group - Speaking


July 21, 2023

Contact: Alicia Mercedes,


BOSTON – The NAACP is set to host "The Civic Engagement Bootcamp – Road to 2024" which will be a one-day, pre-Convention session held on Thursday, July 27, 2023. NAACP leaders and Boston area organizers from across the country will convene to strategize on plans to increase Black voter participation and engagement ahead of the 2024 Presidential election cycle. The bootcamp will include a full day of programming on data and targeting, messaging/research, mobilization tactics, voter protection, partner and coalition building, relational organizing, voter registration training, and more. 

"We are excited to convene NAACP volunteers and allies from all corners of the nation for this powerful initiative to kick off our 2024 Black Voter Engagement and Mobilization work,"said Dominik Whitehead, Vice President of Campaigns, NAACP. "The Civic Engagement Bootcamp will pave the way for ensuring that every Black American is able to have their voice heard in yet another pivotal election cycle. Throughout the nation, our dedicated leaders and volunteers are responsible for driving historic Black voter turnout, and the 2024 election cycle will be no different. Together, we stand united in our vital mission towards a brighter, more progressive and inclusive democracy. This is how we thrive together.

Participants of the Civic Engagement Bootcamp consist of Statewide Political Action Chairs, Youth & College Leaders, Unit Executive Directors, and Boston Allies and Partners. Local participants include organizers from Boston Labor and partner organizations of the NAACP Boston Branch. 

A'shanti F. Gholar, President of Emerge said:

"I am so excited to be a part of The Road to 2024. Every year is an election year, and this bootcamp is a great way to reach people at the start of the NAACP National Convention to share knowledge, skills, and tools so that we can make sure Black voters are informed, energized, and ready to vote in upcoming elections."


Derrick Johnson, President & CEO NAACP 

Tanisha Sullivan, President of NAACP Boston Branch 

A'shanti F. Gholar, President of Emerge America

Terrance Woodbury, Chief Executive & Founding Partner - HIT Strategies 

LaToia Jones, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs & Political Partners - HUSTLE


Thursday, July 27, 2023, at 10:00am to 7:00pm EST


The Boston Teachers Union - 180 Mt. Vernon Street, Dorchester, MA 02125


The Civic Engagement Bootcamp will equip NAACP leaders and Boston area organizers with tested and proven campaign tactics that have effectively increased Black voter participation at the local, state, and federal level.

For more information on democracy, voting, and civic engagement work at the NAACP, visit this link.



The NAACP advocates, agitates, and litigates for the civil rights due to Black America. Our legacy is built on the foundation of grassroots activism by the biggest civil rights pioneers of the 20th century and is sustained by 21st century activists. From classrooms and courtrooms to city halls and Congress, our network of members across the country works to secure the social and political power that will end race-based discrimination. That work is rooted in racial equity, civic engagement, and supportive policies and institutions for all marginalized people. We are committed to a world without racism where Black people enjoy equitable opportunities in thriving communities.

NOTE: The Legal Defense Fund – also referred to as the NAACP-LDF - was founded in 1940 as a part of the NAACP, but now operates as a completely separate entity.

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