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In the News April 1, 2020

NAACP Joins forces with WeTV, CBS and Notable Influencers to Push Underserved Communities to Complete 2020 Census

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Washington, DC (April 1, 2020) — As April 1st marks National Census Day across the country, the NAACP is deploying a myriad of campaigns to ensure underserved and hard-to-count communities are included in the 2020 Census. Joining forces with WeTV, CBS, and a host of notable influencers to push out PSAs that highlight the importance of the Census, the NAACP is taking a robust approach to reach audiences that have historically been overlooked and undercounted.

For so many communities, the Census provides a gateway for funding and resources. From emergency services to schools to hospitals to roads to auxiliary support, the money allocated based on the responses to the Census will go toward improving and addressing the specific needs of each state and municipality. local principality. The Census also helps to ensure fair political representation and provides data for addressing racial disparities in a host of areas.

Last year, the NAACP addressed growing concerns around the Census by bringing a legal battle against the Bureau of the Census. The lawsuit brought attention to the ongoing underfunding and understaffing of the Census Bureau and its impact on providing a fair and full census count. The ruling of the lawsuit allowed the case to proceed to discovery and trial.

"The Census Bureau must ensure an accurate count in communities of color and immigrant communities, even more so amid COVID-19," said Derrick Johnson, CEO and president, NAACP. "In this unprecedented and critical time, counting those who that are often overlooked or forgotten about can drastically improve this nation's response and planning for future emergencies."

The NAACP will continue to engage in campaigns and activities to guarantee the 2020 Census is inclusive and representative of the entire nation.


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