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Black Assets Index


Improving Economic Mobility with Data

Improving life outcomes among Black people demands research and tools that recognize and measure Black assets in a way that reflects the intersectional nature of our lived experience. The Black Assets Index will measure the strength and vitality of Black Americans and Black-majority cities across the country. It will uplift and measure factors and conditions that increase economic and social mobility, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the opportunities to improve the quality of life of Black people. 

Rather than assess the state of the Black community through a deficit lens,the Black Assets Index will highlight assets and strengths in Black communities that racism has devalued.

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The Plan

NAACP is partnering with Brookings Metro, to produce wide-ranging research and tools, including an annual report and public data dashboard. To fuel direct action The Black Assets Index will:

  • Serve as an invaluable resource that community leaders can trust and call upon for research and policy analysis.  
  • Elevate the national discourse on improving upward economic and social mobility in America. 
  • Advance policy ideas for adoption among federal, state, and local policy makers to accelerate economic opportunity for individuals and communities. 
  • Create a lasting hub for young and diverse experts to exert positive influence on the future of public policy and life chances for low-income Americans.  
  • Improve the impact and relevance of national policy institutions by generating research and ideas that reflect the experience of low-income and marginalized communities. 

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This partnership combines NAACP's commitment to advancement and civil rights and Brookings' commitment to rigorous, independent research. Together, we will shift policies and deficit narratives, leading to collective action and impactful policy change.  

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We've recently seen conspiracy theories with harmful racialized overtones drive elections and policy. The only way to combat this is with facts. The need for a trusted source for information is needed now more than ever.

- Derrick Johnson, President and CEO, NAACP

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