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Sustain Your Gains

Whether you have plans for a large purchase or want to start your own business, you understand the role credit plays. You've established your credit and work to sustain your wins — your way. That's no easy feat.

Though the credit system hasn't always worked for Black people, you're making it work for you. By continuing to prioritize your financial education and health you'll not only benefit but your family and community will benefit as well. Managing credit is a lifelong endeavor that will ebb and flow as you reach your financial goals and set new ones.

The resources below, powered by TransUnion®, can help you maintain and amplify the hard work you've put in so far to secure your financial health.

To continue sustaining your wins on your credit journey, we'll explore: 

  • Increasing the understanding of financial principles and practices
  • Increasing your credit score 
  • Reducing debt and increasing savings
Hilary Chidi, Executive Vice President and Head of Credit Risk Solutions, TransUnion®

Members of the Black community have traditionally faced more challenges building credit histories, and therefore have struggled to access loans at reasonable rates — if at all. TransUnion partnered with NAACP to help empower you. Credit knowledge and good financial habits are key to owning your success.

- Hilary Chidi, Executive Vice President and Head of Credit Risk Solutions, TransUnion®


Get the answers on how to continue to protect your financial journey.


Our goal is to keep you equipped with information vital to your financial health. Submit any credit questions you'd like to see answered in future updates to this toolkit.

Disclaimer: Please do not submit any sensitive, personal identifying information (i.e. SSN, driver's license, financial records, etc.)

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