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Young women and men focused in Youth and College meeting

2023 End of Year Roundtable


Next Stop: 2024

Now is the time to strategize. 2023 was a year of impact, and now it is up to us to outline priority agenda issues for young people in 2024 and work together to put us first on all fronts.

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Join the Discussion

Join us on Wednesday, December 13th at 8 PM ET as we convene with Youth & College leaders from across our 37 state conferences to discuss the work we did in 2023, the priority agenda issues for young people in 2024, and how we hope to achieve our goals.

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Funding Freedom Summer

The battle for our freedoms is going on right now, and with your help today, we can work together to repair America's democracy. Let's join forces and make a positive change for our country.

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