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Young Black Student Working on Laptop and Studying Books

50K & Beyond Campaign Partner Briefing

With the Biden administration most recently extending the pause on federal student loan payments until January 31, it is time for the next step to eliminate the burden altogether and cancel student debt.  We must continue to apply pressure and demand that the leaders elected, by the movement we built, follow through on racial equity and ensure equitable and affordable pathways for education.

Young Black Student in Library

Partner With Us

This briefing will bring partners and members from across the nation together to sign on for the 50K & Beyond campaign as official partners to advocate for cancellation policies beyond $50,000 that would benefit all demographics, eliminate racial disparities in student debt, and boost our struggling economy.

50k & Beyond Town Hall

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Make An Impact

Donate toward our fight for equitable and affordable education for all. Make an impact through giving.  


Student debt is often perpetuated by false realities. Society tells us to do a series of things to be "successful." Many of us take out massive amounts of debt for more education just to be met with underpaying employers and massive monthly debt payments.

- Akia S. Callum, M.Ed, President, Connecticut State Youth and College Division