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Rihanna - NAACP Image Awards

53rd NAACP® Image Awards Submissions


We are excited to celebrate the indomitable human spirit, artfully articulated in the films, TV shows, music, and literature you have produced. We look forward to receiving your submissions across more than seventy competition categories. Our esteemed judges will evaluate your entries, nominees will be announced, and we will ultimately share a glorious evening of acknowledgment, remembrance, and commemoration.

Image Awards - Chloe Bailey

Image Awards Nominations

In this season of reflection and reckoning, the 53rd NAACP® Image Awards will continue a tradition of uplifting values that inspire equality, justice, and progressive change, and highlighting artists committed to that purpose. Submit your entry for the chance to be a nominee for the 53rd NAACP® Image Awards.

Black entertainment is an integral extension of Black advocacy and activism. Much of Black art emerges from subjugation that was designed to stifle our spirit. Instead, our inextinguishable light brightens the world with imagination, ingenuity, and infinite talent.

- Kyle Bowser, Senior Vice President, NAACP Hollywood Bureau
Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

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