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Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute (CRATI)


The Medgar Evers Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute (CRATI) is an annual leadership conference designed to empower volunteer youth and adult leaders to influence the people and polices that impact their communities. As we work to increase Black voter turnout and fight for continued diversity and inclusion in 2024, these regional trainings will educate, prepare, and inspire all of our NAACP activists.

What to Expect

The Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute will enhance advocacy by NAACP Units by

  • Getting back to basics and covering political advocacy; community organizing; coalition building; program development; use of the media; organizing educational forums and protest demonstrations; and effective use of NAACP's advocacy networks. 
  • Highlighting a Civic Engagement/Campaign area and creating an effective "ground strategy" to address the upcoming election season. 
  • Strengthen the infrastructure of the units by providing training in the following area; Executive Leadership, Advocacy, Legal Redress, and Volunteer Management. 

Save the dates:

Virtual CRATI Session 2: May 2-4 

  • Thursday, 5/2: 7-9:30 PM ET
  • Friday, 5/3: 7-9:30 PM ET
  • Saturday, 5/4: 1-6 PM ET


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