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A Day in the Life of a Black Woman Working

Woman Smiling and Talking into Phone and Working on Laptop in a Store Setting

Balancing Work and Life as a Black Woman

From the aftermath of COVID-19 to the racial unrest in this nation, Black women have proven time and time again that they are the backbones of their communities. Join NAACP on Instagram Live for a conversation with four exceptional Black women as we unpack how they navigate the balance of the obstacles of the professional world and their personal lives as wives, mothers, daughters, caretakers, and community members.

Meet Our Panelists

Secretary Treasurer, SEIU

The 2nd Annual NAACP Labor Action Week will bring together union leaders, civil rights change-makers, young professionals, and activists to provide an advocacy framework and solutions for addressing and prioritizing the needs and interests of Black America, while also addressing long-standing issues around the racial wealth gap and systemic racism throughout the nation's employment industries.

This year's theme - The State of Black Labor: Wealth, Wellness, and Worth will be an opportunity to promote wealth equity, ensure wellbeing, and recognize the value of Black workers throughout the nation.


Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

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