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Debt-Free College for All Week of Action


It's time we take the next step as a country and expand the option for free education to all who want it. Cost should never be a barrier to higher education. Join us for a week of demanding free college for all, and most importantly, to cancel student debt.  

This Week's Events to Cancel Student Debt

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Spread the Word: Free College for All

Share these graphics to your social media to encourage your friends and family to take on the charge to help cancel student debt.

Many of us take out massive amounts of debt for more education just to be met with under-paying employers and massive monthly debt payments.

- Akia S. Callum, President, Connecticut State Youth and College Division
Blue Students

50K and Beyond

Join us in the fight to urge Biden to cancel $50,000 in student debt for Black borrowers.

Take Action

Tell Us Your Student Debt Story

Collecting your stories helps us humanize the issue of student debt relief because it's not just about the policy.

Share Your Story
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Are you ALL IN?

NAACP is going ALL IN because democracy is on the ballot and only we, the people, have the power to protect it. Rush a donation now to fuel our critical voter turnout efforts!