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Fighting for our vote - Cleveland
Humphrey Park

Fighting For Our Vote: Cleveland

Fighting For Our Vote Logo (White)

Protecting Your Right to Vote

We're joining a coalition of civil rights groups and Fighting for Our Vote. For the next year we're organizing and advocating to restore and protect everyone's voting rights, now and for decades to come. 

Cleveland, we need you.

Black Man Standing in Solidarity with Protesters

...As anti-democracy forces are working to limit voting rights, interfere with vote counting and even manipulate the outcome of elections — is not just to vote; it is to stand up so that everyone who is eligible can vote and every vote is counted.

- Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers
Group Holding Raised Fists in Protest

Fight For Your Vote

The right to vote is under siege in states across America. We must secure our right to vote right now. Join us to fight for our vote in Cleveland on Saturday, August 21 from 1-2 PM ET to mobilize our vote at Humphrey Park.