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Fighting for our vote - DC
Lincoln Park

Fighting For Our Vote: D.C.

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We're joining a coalition of civil rights groups and Fighting for Our Vote. For the next year we're organizing and advocating to restore and protect everyone's voting rights, now and for decades to come. 

D.C., we need you.

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We will make our voices heard in communities and neighborhoods across the country as we talk to voters and make them aware that their fundamental right to vote is at risk. We will stand up and we will not be silent.

- Becky Pringle, President, National Education Association
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The right to vote is under siege in states across America. We must secure our right to vote right now. Join us to fight for our vote in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, August 21 from 1-4 PM ET to mobilize our vote at Lincoln Park.

Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

Six Months Until Election Day

From police reform to voting rights, and our democracy itself – everything is on the line. We need to raise $250,000 to support our work advocating, agitating, and litigating for civil rights across the nation. Donate today and your gift will be matched, doubling your impact.

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