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Freedom Summer 60th Anniversary Conference

Freedom Summer Starts In: —


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Protecting the Gains We've Made

The 1964 Freedom Summer, also known as the Mississippi Summer Project, embodied the true essence of what it means to mobilize Black voters. 

This voter registration drive in Mississippi, organized by civil rights organizations including the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the NAACP, made significant strides in increasing voter registration among African Americans in Mississippi and raising awareness about the need for civil rights reform.

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Register for Freedom Summer Celebration

Join us to commemorate the work of activists who were confronted with intense opposition in a state where segregation and voter suppression ran rampant, and the work we have yet to do.

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The fundamental right to vote continues to be under attack, creating a threat to democracy as we know it. Efforts to make it harder for racial minorities to participate in the political process are proliferating across the country - and we're fighting those efforts in court.

From now until election season, we need your help to turnout as many voters as possible. Sign up to power the vote and contact voters within your community.