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Across America

NAACP Founders' Day

Group Collaborating Together - Styled Regions

Historic: Past, Present, and Future

That's what we're both leveraging and fighting for in 2024. Learning from our past and betting on our future will drive our present action.

From the deadly race riot that rocked the city of Springfield to painting the town Black with advocacy on and off stage, the NAACP continues to press forward to make history.

Volunteer for the Upcoming Election

The fundamental right to vote continues to be under attack, creating a threat to democracy as we know it. Efforts to make it harder for racial minorities to participate in the political process are proliferating across the country - and we're fighting those efforts in court.

From now until election season, we need your help to turnout as many voters as possible. Sign up to power the vote and contact voters within your community. 


Each and every NAACP member makes a difference to the complex, ongoing work of advancing racial equity. We have driven the hardest-fought wins for civil rights and social justice — with you by our side, we can accelerate the next milestones for Black Americans.

Join this multigenerational network of activists dismantling structural racism by using your power to take action on the most pressing issues of our time.





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