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Black Voter Day Hero - Black woman wearing I Voted Sticker

National Black Voter Day

Next Election Begins In —

Voting In Black

Every year is an election year - and in every election, your vote counts. From progress on student loan forgiveness and some state-level protection for reproductive rights to the appointment of the first Black woman on the U.S. Supreme Court - your vote and voice were heard.

It is our job to vote in the best interest of Black people because we know what it takes for us to continue to thrive. Join us in rebuilding America's broken democracy by ensuring that you and your loved ones are registered to vote for the upcoming election season.

Let's vote in Black on November 7. 

Black Voter Day Hero - Black woman wearing I Voted Sticker

Never Miss An Election

We need every vote we can get to protect our democracy. Sign up for text and email reminders to receive important information about upcoming election dates and deadlines near you. 

Your Voting Options

An NAACP volunteer calling voters

Volunteer With Us

A broken democracy continues to challenge our right to vote, creating a threat as we know it. From now until election season, we need your help to turn out as many voters as possible. Sign up to help contact voters within your community. 

Derrick Johnson - NAACP President and CEO

If you haven't registered to vote yet–or know someone who isn't registered to vote–now is the time to register and mobilize. Our democracy is slipping off the edge of a cliff.

- Derrick Johnson, President and CEO, NAACP
Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

Funding Freedom Summer

The battle for our freedoms is going on right now, and with your help today, we can work together to repair America's democracy. Let's join forces and make a positive change for our country.

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