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Wisdom Cole - Cancel Student Debt - NAACP

National Virtual Town Hall: Debt. Cancelled.


Americans now hold over $1.7 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, with women accounting for two-thirds of all outstanding student loans. Black women take on the most substantial debt burden with an average of more than $41,400. We are bringing together Black borrowers, organizers, experts, and elected officials to make clear why the student debt crisis must end.

Learn more about the student debt relief application and what you need in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

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The student debt relief application is now open! Leaders will discuss and take your questions on the debt relief plan, eligibility, application process, financial empowerment, and more. 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Campaign to cancel student debt 
  • Closing the economic wealth gap 
  • Biden-Harris plan, $10,000 of student debt relief for all borrowers who earn less than $125,000 annually and $20,000 for borrowers who received a Pell Grant in college 
  • Launch of debt relief application, the application process, next steps   
  • Impact on student financial burdens 
  • Financial literacy, financial empowerment  
  • Debt relief as economic stimulus