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Supreme Court

SCOTUS Nomination All Unit Engagement Call

The Historic Moment

Since 1789, of the 115 people who have served on the Supreme Court, only three of them have been people of color – and only five have been women. Having a Black woman on the Supreme Court bench is vital.

The world is watching as the Senate Judiciary Committee convenes to advance Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's nomination as the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice.

Ketanji Brown Jackson - Watch Party Hero Image

Join the Call

Join President Derrick Johnson and US Senator Cory Booker for a briefing about the process and context of this nomination, the role of the NAACP in this process, and the connection of how elections weigh on decisions like this.

Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

Funding Freedom Summer

The battle for our freedoms is going on right now, and with your help today, we can work together to repair America's democracy. Let's join forces and make a positive change for our country.

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