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United Nations Climate Change Conference Debrief


Led by National Environmental and Climate Justice Committee Chair Katherine T. Egland and NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson, we will host an honest and transparent dialogue that lifts up the concerns and solutions expressed by the Black and other frontline communities impacted by climate racism. This conversation will provide a clear link to just transition for communities and workers.

We look forward to discussing: 

  • Calls for more urgent climate action that seizes all fossil fuel extractions in order to cool the planet below 1.5 Celsius; 
  • Demands that the developed nations make good on their pledge of $100 billion in climate financing to underdeveloped nations and contribute even more;
  • Advocacy for a halt to deforestation and the wood pellet, biomass production that goes with it; 
  • Opposition to Article 6 of the Paris agreement - stopping the false technologies like carbon capture sequestration; and, 
  • Continued debunking of the carbon market schemes that are immorally buying and selling our air.
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During the debrief, we will unpack the outcomes of COP 26 as it relates to environmental and climate justice for communities of color here in the US and abroad.

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