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Powershift Entrepreneur Grant Recipients


The NAACP Powershift Entrepreneur Grant awarded Black entrepreneurs $500,000 live on Black Entrepreneurs Day with Shark Tank's Daymond John. From October 6-October 12, 2022, Black Entrepreneurs from around the country were able to apply for the chance to win $25,000 each to help them grow and scale their businesses. In addition to the monetary compensation, winners of the grant will receive:

  • Mentorship from Shark Tank's Daymond John
  • Join Daymond live on air during this year's Black Entrepreneurs Day broadcast

The Winners:

  • The Air Up There LLC
  • Apostrophe Puzzles
  • Berry Bissap
  • The Blupen
  • Darlying & Co.
  • Divercity.Io
  • Dreamcatcher Creative Studio
  • Hireblack
  • Luchal's Catering
  • Meek's Vegan Pizza LLC
  • Milk and Honey Coffeehouses
  • Mindful Mani
  • Nayo's Essence LLC
  • Papa's Peanut Brittle
  • Plug Zen LLC
  • Podpal
  • Rooqi, Inc.
  • Tiny Cottage Concept, LLC
  • Vision Works PR Firm, LLC
  • Workbnb. Inc.


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