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New NAACP Editing Fellowship Hero

NAACP Editing Fellowship

NAACP has partnered with Adobe to support the launch of a new Editing Fellowship program to increase diverse representation in the post-production industry.

In Partnership with

A Next-Level Editing Opportunity

The NAACP Editing Fellowship program, in partnership with Adobe, is a 14-week paid fellowship that includes training, mentorship, and hands-on workplace experience created for individuals who have some experience with video editing and are looking to begin their career in post-production.

This Program Includes:

Meet the Fellows

Alexandria Shaw - Adobe Fellow - NAACP

Alexandria Shaw - Westerville, OH

"It is the utmost honor to be selected for this fellowship. I am humbled to be granted the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and learn directly from esteemed industry professionals committed to diverse and inclusive storytelling."

Derrick Moore - Adobe Fellow - NAACP

Derrick Moore - Houston, TX

"As someone deeply inspired by the profound legacy of the NAACP, I am truly filled with joy to have the opportunity to contribute to and become a part of this esteemed organization. The chance to collaborate and forge connections with such established creatives is incredibly meaningful to me, and I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead."

TChara Dennis - Adobe Fellow - NAACP

TChara Dennis - Los Angeles, CA

Being selected as a Fellow means the world to me!! It's an incredible opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills, and network in the production industry. I'm eagerly looking forward to meeting and learning from new people who share my passion for editing and storytelling! This fellowship represents a chance to grow professionally and personally, and I'm thrilled at being able to dive deep into the world of editing alongside like-minded peers and mentors.

Tyler Holmes - Adobe Fellow - NAACP

Tyler Holmes - Virginia Beach, VA

"Being selected as a fellow for an esteemed organization such as the NAACP, which has held a revered place in my household since childhood, is humbling and truly a dream. I'm eager to collaborate with and learn from some of the industry's finest, with the shared objective of amplifying more Black narratives within the film industry."

Meet Our Mentors

Meet Our Speakers

Equity matters, and it is incumbent upon those of us who sit in positions of power and authority to help identify solutions to advance diversity and inclusion both in front of and behind the lens. It's an honor to work with a like-minded partner in Adobe, which shows up at the table with ideas and resources that make a tangible impact.

- Kyle Bowser, Senior Vice President, NAACP Hollywood Bureau