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Free Our Schools

Taking Back Our History

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been weaponized to prevent holistic educational experiences in institutions of higher education, hindering students' likelihood of job attainment in an increasingly diverse globalized economy. It does not and was never intended to intimidate, defame, or dilute American history.

CRT forges relationships between our country's past and present by encouraging critical thought amongst researchers to advance ideas and actions that will lead to compassionate, rigorous, and truthful educational experiences for all of our nation's children and youth as well as equitable life outcomes for all people and communities.

We're fighting to free our schools. Schools should be free of politics, bureaucracy, censorship, and draconian oversight of educators. Schools should celebrate diversity and promote equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice.


Education is a fundamental right, not a privilege, and by freeing schools, we can liberate education from censorship, harmful political agendas, bureaucracy, and underfunding. This is about more than education – it's about building the next generation of citizens, who are more prosperous, more diverse, and equipped to succeed in a global society.

The NAACP is working to:

  • mobilizing parents, students, educators, and conscious policymakers to work together and rally for change.
  • researching local, state, and federal policies to better understand the issues and solutions!
  • litigating in court against policies that are unconstitutional and/or discriminatory.
  • storytelling and leveraging the media to share the stories of those most impacted by unjust policies and practices,
  • convening through our state and national convention to gain momentum and bring stakeholders together.
  • training our members, affiliates, and partners on the strategies and tools they need to lead advocacy efforts.

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Current CRT Legistation

There are hundreds of challenges to library books annually, with new censorship legislation increasing the number and success of these challenges. As a result, children and youth are repeatedly denied access to holistic and accurate information. Teachers, parents, and taxpayers deserve better.

See where we stand
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How Censorship Affects Education

While legislation attends to much more than anti-CRT work, Critical Race Theory (CRT) frames the conversation of censorship legislation. Policymakers and associated organizations set on maintaining traditional and inaccurate historical narratives; including the unjust economic, social, and educational frameworks that thrive as a result; have reframed the definition and purpose of CRT, thus providing a less than thorough description of this framework and no related information about the ways knowledgeable scholars have employed CRT toward more equitable and inclusive practices for all students.

CRT: Myth vs. Fact

Learn more about how to identify and respond to false narratives about CRT and other related topics.