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Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice Policies

As the world focuses on taking care of the environment and fighting climate change, we must make sure Black communities are included in potential solutions.

Our policy recommendations

Prioritize opportunities for Black entrepreneurs in the green economy

We support a transition away from fossil fuels that's comprehensive, systemic, and rooted in upholding our inalienable rights to air, water, food, housing, energy, and our livelihoods. The Environmental Justice Interagency Directive (Presidential Executive Order 12898) is rooted in ensuring there are diminished negative impacts of actions across agencies. We recommended to the Biden administration to expand this directive to ensure that racial justice is defined to include equitable distribution of quality access as we shift away from a fossil fuel economy.

Stop energy shut-offs

The Department of Energy must shift away from a system that incentivizes depriving low-income households by putting a profit margin on provision of a resource that is necessary for survival. Current moratoria on energy shut-offs should not be a stop-gap measure. It should be permanent policy and practice. The electrical grid should transition from an investor-owned utility governed model to a publicly owned grid with private ownership limited to community microgrids, commercial and residential rooftop ownership, etc.

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