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Race And Justice

Race & Justice Policies

When we see policies that unfairly target or penalize Black people in the criminal justice system, we must address these issues where they are — with laws and legislation, and with elected and appointed leaders.

We provided policy recommendations to the Biden Administration to eliminate race-based discrimination in policing, courts, and incarceration.

Accelerate compassionate release in federal prisons

President Biden should accelerate compassionate release consideration of all federal prisoners over the age of 60 and order the immediate release of as many people as possible.

Address racial violence by police and impose national accountability standards

Police agencies without the policies, training, and databases in place should not be able to receive grants and other funding. Other practices to increase police accountability include an end to qualified immunity and a national database to document violent and fatal encounters with police.

Boldly and urgently transform the federal judiciary

A vision and strategy for securing strong, diverse representation on the courts for decades to come that includes civil rights lawyers is long overdue.

Fully resource community mental health and substance abuse programs

Congress must fund local communities to respond to resident's mental health and substance abuse needs.

Reform federal prosecutorial standards to eliminate racial disparities

President Biden must direct the Attorney General to instruct federal prosecutors to refrain from engaging in practices that lead to higher sentences, such as seeking sentencing enhancements or life without the possibility of parole for young people.

Read the full list of our recommendations.

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