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Our Impact on Entertainment

Explore the opportunities NAACP has created by partnering with studios and executives on issues of diversity programming and employment in Hollywood.

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NAACP Image Awards

During a time when African-American actors were pigeonholed into stereotypical, two-dimensional roles in Hollywood, the Image Awards was created to shed light on the fullness of our lives. Through our shared tragedies and triumphs, we have become a tapestry of dynamic individuals who embody deeply rich, multifaceted voices that are authentically human. The Image Awards has spent 52 years highlighting and celebrating the contributions of our creative Black narratives to the world.

NAACP Image Awards - Rihanna

Celebrating Our Achievements

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To disrupt the production and dissemination of these troubling narratives, the NAACP provides media guidelines that create much-needed awareness about the connections between storytelling choices and resulting social outcomes.

Elevating Black stories

CBS Television Studios and NAACP have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce projects uplifting diverse voices. The partnership will result in a creative team and infrastructure to acquire, develop, and produce programming for the CBS Television Network. The organization will also be able to sell content to third-party platforms across the media landscape, expanding our reach and impact as accessible Black stories and perspectives influence and enrich American culture.

Ghana Crew - 51st NAACP Image Awards

Connecting to create

Throughout the year, we host public events to assist people of color with their creative journeys. From our Film and TV Screening Series to symposiums and music listening parties, we give those interested in entertainment an opportunity to gain industry insight from expert leaders in their respective areas of interest.

Programming and content have the power to shape perspectives and drive conversations around critical issues. This partnership with CBS allows us to bring compelling and important content to a broad audience.

- Derrick Johnson, NAACP President and CEO

Equity in Every Frame

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Youth activists and filmmakers supported ongoing criminal justice work by creating short documentaries that told personal stories of the inequalities Black people face within the system. The films addressed living with a criminal record, the school to prison pipeline, or police violence and were screened during the 108th NAACP Annual Convention.

Art as Activism

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NAACP and Ford partnered to present the Cinematic Shorts Competition. Three young filmmakers told stories centering social justice and civic engagement and earned a chance to win funding to produce an extended version of their short. This competition aligns with Henry Ford's legacy of moving humanity forward.