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Craig Mizrahi

Co-Head of Production, Innovative Artists

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Craig Mizrahi Headshot

Craig Mizrahi is the co-head of the Production division at Innovative Artists, representing creatives for feature film, television and advertising content, based domestically and abroad.  These include Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Production Designers, Costume Designers, Film Editors, Stunt Coordinators, VFX Supervisors and ADs.  In 2015, Craig was honored with Variety's annual "New Leaders" Award.  Craig is a leading proponent in his field for the inclusion of diverse artists on set and equal pay for women.  When not fighting for his clients, he spends much time giving back to the next generation of industry artists as a frequent guest presenter at the renowned American Film Institute, and has been a panelist at the ICG, MPEG, cinegear and many film festivals.