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Curl & Co. Studio

Owner: Stacy Blanco, New York, NY

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Curls and Co

Stacy Blanco decided to step out on faith and left her corporate job behind to open her own salon six years ago. Blanco, like most Black women, understands the importance of having a sacred place to groom. Blanco started Curl & Co. Studio because she wanted the women of Harlem not to feel that they had to travel outside of their neighborhoods for quality hair services.

Blanco knows first-hand that the beauty business is not always pretty. When she was preparing to open her salon, she encountered contractors who were unprofessional and caused issues with her salon that could have been avoided.

"I wish there were more Black women contractors because dealing with men can be a hassle," she said.

Nonetheless, Blanco perseveres and continues to be an important vessel in her community.

When the pandemic hit and the social justice protests began, Blanco had to close her shop for a while. With no clients coming in, she had to cut her budget to maintain her salon. She still supports her community, and the effort to shed light on the injustices Black people face in this country. She stands with her community.

Blanco wants her clients to feel safe and the BeyGOOD grant will help her immensely.

"The first thing I am going to get is an air conditioner, so my clients can be comfortable while they get their hair done," Blanco said. She plans to pay it forward just as BeyGOOD has done for her and others.


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