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Jasan Pagni

Production Agent/Partner, WME

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Jasan Pagni - NAACP x Adobe Fellowship

Jasan Pagni is a Production Agent/Partner at WME.  Born and raised in San Diego, Jasan graduated from UCSB and then began his career in accounting.  He worked for Ernst and Young for three years, obtaining his CPA license. However, he soon realized that his true passion lay in the entertainment industry. 

After a short venture pursuing a screenwriting career, including a Nicholls Quarterfinalist, Jasan joined the Paradigm Agency as an assistant, where he rose through the ranks and became an agent in 2003.  He joined WME in 2010 and was promoted to partner in 2017, continuing his focus on Production clients, mainly in the areas of Line Producer, Director of Photography, Production Designer and Editor.  


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