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African American and other Minority Participation in the Gaming Industry

WHEREAS, the gaming industry has realized unparalleled growth and expansion into new locations each year; and


WHEREAS, expanding economic opportunities are being created in supplying good and services as well as employment and ownership within the ever increasing gaming industry; and


WHEREAS, the NAACP is concerned about the economic impact on African American and other minority communities and the lack of economic inclusion at various levels within the industry; and


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Chairman of the NAACP Board of Directors shall appoint a task force of the Board to determine an effective strategy for economic reciprocity to benefit the African American and other minority communities in the areas of employment, economic and community development. The philanthropic sharing of financial benefits, ownership and direct participation of African American and other minority entrepreneurs as well as the procurement of goods and services shall be part of such strategy to benefit African Americans and other minorities; and


THEREFORE BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that the task force, in an effort to have the gaming industry considered by the President/CEO as an Economic Reciprocity Initiative target for 2001, will report its findings to the President/CEO by February 2001.