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Amending Article III Section 1 and 7 of the White Book – Create Position of Assistant Treasurer

AMEND Article III, Section 1 of the White Book to insert the office of Assistant Treasurer, following the office of Treasurer and prior to " and additional officers;" and

AMEND Article III, Section 7 to rename Section 7 Assistant Treasurer. Insert the following as Section 7: "The duties of the Assistant Treasurer shall be to perform the duties of the Treasurer in his/her absence, unavailability or disability. The Assistant Treasurer may perform specific duties of the Treasurer under the supervision of the Treasurer "; and

AMEND Article III, to add a Section 8 to become duties of the Executive Director; and

AMEND Article IV, Section 1 to insert Assistant Treasurer after Treasurer.

BE IT THEREFORE, RESOLVED, that the additional position of Assistant Treasurer shall be incorporated in the elective Officers positions of a branch to ensure that the financial affairs of a branch are consistently managed and that the respective duties required of the branch financial officers are continuously performed.