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Amending Constitution of Youth Councils and College Chapters - Article VIII, Section 6

WHEREAS, the Constitutions for both Youth Councils and College Chapters were amended to include an additional article in line with the branch bookkeeping system that is already in place; and

WHEREAS, Article VII, Section 7 of the Constitution & Bylaws for Branches (White Book) was amended concerning the Division of other Funds; and

WHEREAS, in the interest that all NAACP Units operate consistently within the financial structure of the Association and that Youth Councils and College Chapters are classified as Units.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the second sentence of the Constitution for both Youth Councils and College Chapters, Article VIII, Section 6, Other Funds, be replaced with the following:

The net proceeds of each entertainment or fundraising effort by a Youth Council Unit (College Chapter), excluding ACT-SO and Back-To-School/Stay-in-School, shall be divided as follows: Twenty-five percent (25%) to the National Office, seventy-five percent (75%) to the Youth Council Unit (College Chapter) unless, in any case, written permission is obtained from the National Office for some different division, provided that the entire net proceeds of any fundraising effort for exclusively national purposes shall be transmitted to the National Office.

Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

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