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Charles A. Bibbs African American Museum & Cultural Center

WHEREAS, nationally and internationally acclaimed artist Charles Bibbs, whose work is featured in museums, galleries, organizations, and homes of many collectors; and

WHEREAS, in 1991, Charles Bibbs decided to form his own publishing and distribution company, B Graphics and Fine Arts, Inc. Today, Bibbs is one of the top-selling artists in the country, and his company has grown to be one of the leaders in the African American art print market; and

WHEREAS, Charles Bibbs, who is an artistic genius and was educated in and is a native of South Bay Los Angeles County, creates his special brand of stylized art capturing the attention of art enthusiasts around the world; and

WHEREAS, Charles Bibbs' artwork reveals noble compositions and a signature technique that fuses acrylic paint and ink coupled with African and contemporary African American themes. The art of Charles Bibbs is born through a creative process that comes from a level of spirituality and commitment to empowerment in the African American; and

WHEREAS, Charles Bibbs Board & Advisory Committee have been working diligently for the past year laying the groundwork for an African American Museum & Cultural Center; and

WHEREAS, the most important goal is to make profound aesthetic statements that are ethnically rooted and at the same time arouse spiritual emotions within us. Charles Bibbs' vision is to open The Charles A. Bibbs African American Museum & Cultural Center in Riverside, California in the year 2023.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People will endorse and support the Charles A. Bibbs African American Museum & Cultural Center, and also send a letter memorializing support for the museum that will bring greater national attention to his work that fuses African, African American, and Native American cultural themes.