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Issue Brief

Civic Engagement: Artificial Intelligence Issue Brief

Together Power Vote Hero - NAACP

Ensuring Fair Elections: Banning Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Electioneering

AI is a hot topic amongst current events. In fact, many would say that we are in the midst of an AI revolution. While there is a large focus on the ways that AI can benefit society, we are focused and concerned about the role AI might play in misinformation, disinformation, and the dilution of the Black vote. To ensure the legitimacy of our democracy and civic engagement, efforts must be taken now to ensure that election integrity is at the forefront- especially during the 2024 presidential election year. Action must be taken to prevent unchecked AI technologies from being utilized to target and misinform entire communities as they carry out their civic duties.


Generative AI technology, data and analytics are examples of how AI has the power to rapidly change the ways in which political campaigns work to access and sway voter opinion. While these technologies may have the potential to increase political participation, they also have the ability to promote false information, and intentionally create echo chambers based on that information.

Particularly concerning is the use of Generative AI to produce "deepfakes", or images and videos that produce political materials that are misleading or false. These concerns are already being addressed at the state level, with 5 state governments adopting legislation that bans to use of deepfakes in political ads, and/or requires that the use of AI to be disclosed within the ads themselves. Michigan1 is one of the latest examples of the adoption of such a measure.

Unregulated AI in electioneering can lead to:

  • Manipulation of voter opinions through deepfakes, micro-targeting and algorithmic curation.
  • Erosion of public trust in the electoral process, candidates and elected officials due to misinformation campaigns.

The NAACP's Stance:

  • Fair and transparent elections are the cornerstone of democracy.
  • Voters deserve to know how and when AI is used in electioneering.
  • Regulations are needed to prevent the misuse of AI in influencing vulnerable populations, especially as the nation trends toward gathering news from social media sites.


  1. Develop Transparency Standards: Require political campaigns to disclose the use of AI technologies, including data sources and targeting strategies.
  2. Protect Voter Privacy: Establish strict guidelines on the collection and use of personal data by political campaigns.
  3. Combat Misinformation: Implement standards to identify and mitigate AI-generated misinformation in political content.

The NAACP urges legislators to prioritize the integrity of our electoral process by establishing clear regulations on the use of AI in electioneering. Such measures are crucial to maintaining public trust, ensuring fair competition among candidates, and protecting the fundamental democratic principle of an informed electorate.

  • Civic Engagement: Artificial Intelligence Issue Brief