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Civil Rights Education

WHEREAS, some of the goals of the NAACP's educational initiatives are to:

  1. Teach students in Arne rica about the important role of the American Civil Rights Movement; and
  2. Foster among students an understanding of the complexity of racial, social, economic, and political challenges faced by all Americans; and provide teachers the tools and resources to illustrate, practice, appreciate, and promote an understanding of the evolution of the civil rights movement; and
  3. Have students seek learning beyond the civil rights movement from afar; but, rather personally associate civil rights in their lives, and engage in honest dialogue with others and foster a positive climate for human relations; and
  4. Apply advanced scholarship and relatively recent trends in academic studies of civil rights movement history to effective teaching methods; and
  5. Formalize the national struggle for civil rights and teach that it is a beacon of hope for all Americans.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP continue its efforts to pass legislation that establishes the U.S. Civil Rights Education Advisory Commission in the United States Department of Education; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the legislation requires the advisory committee verify the inclusion of civil rights education in the states' history-social science framework and criteria for evaluating instructional materials.