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Denouncing Racist Mexican Stamps

WHEREAS, the Mexican Government recently issued a blatantly racist stamp which depicts Blacks in degrading and historically demeaning images; and

WHEREAS, these stamps are the second offensive act against Blacks in America by the Mexican Government in recent weeks. President Vincente Fox made statements in a press conference that Mexican immigrants take jobs that "even Blacks won't take"; and

WHEREAS, during the African Slave Trade, millions of Africans were taken to North and South America. The Oltec heads and remains found in Mexico of ancient people from that Region, show distinct similarities between Mexicans and Africans. Research has shown that there is significant evidence of the African continent's influence on the people who populate Mexico today; and

WHEREAS, historically, Mexican descendants in America have benefited from the rights gained by African Americans won in the Civil Rights Movement, of which the NAACP played a significant role; and 

WHEREAS, the NAACP fights for the rights of all persons of color, including persons of Mexican descent. Some of the current issues include immigration, housing, language equity, voting rights, educational equity, voting rights, and temporary welfare assistance; and

WHEREAS, the NAACP has fostered numerous positive relationships with Hispanic and Latino organizations and intends to continue to strengthen them and foster more; and

WHEREAS, the NAACP invited Mexican President Vicente Fox to address the body of delegates at the 96th Annual Convention and he declined to attend; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP calls on the Mexican Government to immediately cease and desist from printing and distributing any further stamps; and

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the NAACP will encourage Latino and Hispanic groups to encourage Mexican Government officials to use discretion and sensitivity in their official business; and

THEREFORE, BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, that the NAACP denounces the Mexican stamp and any other remnants of degrading images of buffoonery against African Americans or any other minority groups.