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Ditch the College Debt/Post-Secondary Education & Financial Stability

WHEREAS, the U.S. student loan debt with 44.7 million borrowers has people across the country sacrificing their essential needs to pay off the record $1.6 trillion student loan debt; and

WHEREAS, the student debt crisis has disproportionately impacted black borrowers and hampered Black students with the most debt; and

WHEREAS, Black students are not only more likely to need to take on debt for school, graduates are also nearly five times as likely to default on their loans than their white peers; and

WHEREAS, an average Black graduate has $7,400 more in student debt than his or her white peer; and

WHEREAS, eliminating student-loan debt would narrow the racial wealth gap for families.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP work for free higher education for all and cancellation of all student loan debt.