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Ex Offenders: Hiring Tax Credit


WHEREAS, the Personal Income Law and the Corporation Tax Law authorize various credits against the taxes imposed by those laws, including a hiring credit for qualified taxpayers who hire qualified employees; and 

WHEREAS, this resolution supports the Federal Bonding Program, as well as, the tax credit for businesses and corporation to hire qualified employees so that they can gain livable employment; and 

WHEREAS, for purposes of this resolution, "qualified employees" means an individual who is an ex-offender employed by the taxpayer in a part-time or full- time position; and 

WHEREAS, this resolution supports a tax credit for taxpayer (businesses, corporations, financial institutions, individuals, etc.) to hire "qualified employees" so that they gain meaningful livable wage employment, start a new and better life, and not be a burden to our country, our society, our family, our culture, be a productive citizen, reduce institutional recidivism. 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the NAACP work to support and advance federal and state legislation (i.e., Work Opportunity Tax Credit) that provide a "tax credit" to businesses as an incentive to hire, employ and/or enter into a contract agreement with formerly incarcerated people. This will entitle thousands of Men and Women of Color an opportunity at the American Dream. 

Derrick Lewis - Youth & College Hero

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