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Fossil Fueled Foolery 2.0

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We must empower communities most affected by climate change to network resources and develop community-driven strategies. We know that the scales are "tipped" and to beat wealthy corporations at their own game, we must be knowledgeable about the strategies and tactics they use.

The NAACP's inaugural edition of the Fossil Fueled Foolery primer in 2019 shed light on the deceptive tactics used by fossil fuel conglomerates and their supporters at the expense of communities most affected by their pollution. They will deny any responsibility, but we're not fooled, they are responsible for the dire climate conditions.

Fossil Fueled Foolery 2.0 aims to:

  • Identify and describe the common tactics used by the fossil fuel industry and associated supporters that not only promote their agendas, but embed climate injustices.
  • Provide real facts on the issues.
  • Provide stories and strategies of action and advocacy within our communities that ground resistance to injustices caused by the fossil fuel industry.
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Top 10 Fossil Fuel Industry Tactics

  1. Invest in Efforts that Undermine Democracy

  2. Finance Political Campaigns & Pressure Politicians
  3. Fund Scientists and Scientific Research Institutions to Publish Biased Research
  4. Say Government Regulations Hurt the Economy and Low-Income Communities
  5. Deny or Understate the Harms Polluting Facilities Cause to People and the Environment
  6. Deflect Responsibility – Shift Blame to Communities They Pollute
  7. Co-opt Community Leaders and Organizations and Misrepresent the Interests and Opinions of Communities
  8. Exaggerate the Level of Job Creation and Downplay the Lack of Quality and Safety in Jobs
  9. Praise False Solutions While Claiming that Real Solutions are Impractical, Impossible, or Harmful for BIPOC and Poor Communities
  10. "Embrace" Renewables to Control the New Energy Economy
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